Misha Osherovich queers up the world of horror in ’The Girl In The Woods’

October 21, 2021
Misha Osherovich has arrived.

The handsome queer/nonbinary actor rose to major success last year with the release of the horror-comedy 'Freaky.' The film went on to major success in dual release in theatres and on streaming, and Osherovich earned a Queerty Nomination for Best Actor in a Film for their work.

Now Osherovich dives into horror again, this time in the small-screen thriller 'The Girl in the Woods.' The series arrives on Peacock and CryptTV October 21. The series follows Carrie (Stefanie Scott), a refugee from a mysterious cult in the Pacific Northwest. Carrie manages to escape her lifelong confines and find refuge with Nolan (Osherovich) and Tasha (Sofia Bryant), two teenagers in a nearby small town. But Carrie's escape comes with consequence, as fellow cultist Arthur (Will Yun Lee) pursues her and her new friends...as does a malevolent, murderous force with intentions of its own.

We sat down with Osherovich to talk about their newfound horror stardom, the new series, and the responsibility of portraying a queer teen on screen. 'The Girl in the Woods' comes to Peacock and CryptTV October 21.

Video Editor: David Beerman.