Jordan Firstman on ’Rotting In The Sun,’ nude scenes, and gays who hate gays

September 6, 2023
In the early days of the pandemic, comedian and actor Jordan Firstman got a lot of attention for his clever "impression" videos, which saw him conjuring up ultra specific characters like—most famously—"banana bread's publicist."

The clips gained him legions of new fans. They also has plenty of others rolling their eyes... Firstman included, he'll be the first tell you.

In the wild, new indie comedy 'Rotting In The Sun,' Firstman plays himself, gamely interrogating the persona he created opposite the film's writer/director/co-star Sebastián Silva, also playing himself.

The film finds the two meeting during a chance encounter at a Mexican nude beach and reluctantly agreeing to work together on a new project—that is, until Silva goes missing, and Firstman's left to wonder if he's been ghosted, or if something sinister is a foot.

In other words, you aren't ready for 'Rotting In The Sun,' a dark comedy with more than a few surprises up its sleeve. For his first feature film starring role, Firstman doesn't hold back, leaving his entire self on the screen (and we do mean that literally; there are plenty of nude scenes)—which will no doubt shock anyone who just thinks of him as "banana bread's publicist."

Ahead of the film's September 8 release (streaming September 15 on Mubi), Queerty spoke with Firstman about what he calls, "hell to make" but also "the most rewarding creative experience" he's ever had.

Video edited by Terence Krey.