How the ’Dicks: The Musical’ cast made the funniest, queerest comedy of the year

October 19, 2023
The story of two toxic rival businessmen who find out they're long lost twins and hatch a plan to bring their estranged parents back together, the plot of 'Dicks: The Musical' sounds a lot like 'The Parent Trap.'

But throw in a cast of queer comedy icons, an irreverent John Waters-esque sense of humor, absurdly catchy (and absurd) original songs, a scene-stealing Megan Thee Stallion cameo, a blatant disregard for reality, and a pair of reptilian puppets known as the Sewer Boys, and we can assure you: You've never seen anything like 'Dicks.'

Based on their beloved NYC comedy show 'F*cking Identical Twins,' stars and writers Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp make their brazen film debut in what's definitely a cult classic in the making.

To bring it to life, they've enlisted the help of longtime friend Bowen Yang to play "God" and legends Nathan Lane and Megan Mullally—who've previously shared the stage on Broadway—as the their parents.

Even though much of the cast has worked together before, they still managed to shock one another with just how far they'll go for a laugh. In conversation with Queerty, the stars of 'Dicks' and director Larry Charles ('Borat,' 'Curb Your Enthusiasm') share how their co-stars surprised them on set and helped make the musical one of the funniest, strangest, most unforgettable comedies you'll see all year.

Video edited by Terence Krey.