Todd Stephens pays homage to a generation of gay hairdressers in ’Swan Song’

August 14, 2021
Todd Stephens has finally grown up.

Stephens first appeared on the queer cinema scene in 1998 penning the queer, teen coming of age story 'Edge of Seventeen.' He followed up with his directorial debut 'Gypsy 83' about a friendship between a gay male teen and a straight female teen, and with the slapstick comedies 'Another Gay Movie' and its sequel.

Now Stephens dives into his most mature--and accomplished--film to date. 'Swan Song' stars character actor Udo Kier as Pat, an aging, gay hairstylist in Sandusky, Ohio. When Pat learns one of his favorite clients (Linda Evans) has died, he escapes his nursing home and sets off on foot to do her hair one last time...for her funeral. Michael Urie and Jennifer Coolidge.

We caught up with Stephens just ahead of 'Swan Song''s theatrical release to chat about his career, the film, and the ever-changing landscape for LGBTQ people. 'Swan Song' opens in theatres August 6 and on VOD August 13.

Video Editor: David Beerman.