Screen legend Ann-Margret’s advice to queer fans: “Don’t let anything stop you”

June 11, 2021
Few stars achieve the iconic status of Ann-Margret.

Now in the 60th year of her career, the actress has appeared in such classic films as 'Bye Bye Birdie,' 'Viva Las Vegas,' 'Kitten with a Whip' and 'Grumpy Old Men.' She also nabbed Oscar nominations for her work in 'Carnal Knowledge,' and the rock musical 'Tommy.' The latter features her performing one of the most bizarre (and awesome) scenes in movie history.

Now Ann-Margret returns to the screen in the comedy 'Queen Bees' opposite Ellen Burstyn, Lorette Devine, Jane Curtin, Christopher Lloyd and James Caan. The film opens in theatres June 11.

In the movie, Ann-Margret plays Margot, the agent sexpot of a retirement community. When the new resident Helen (Burstyn) arrives, Margo and her friends sense a competitor. Yet, as the four women stumble onto a secret plot, an unlikely friendship begins to grow among the ladies.

We caught up with the ever-sweet Ann-Margret to talk about the film, her gay icon status, and her advice for a long, resilient life. 'Queen Bees' opens June 11.

Video Editor: David Beerman