The Habit Sings For Gay Marriage

The Habit - Westfest 2006 -2.jpg

The new gay-marriage-themed single from Ottawa indie-folk band The Habit may be called “Fighter,” but the message is most certainly “None Of Your Business.” Inspired by new Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s promise to re-open the gay marriage debate in Canada, singer/bassist Darren Rogers (pictured at right) penned his confrontational song that has been getting lots of attention throughout Canada.

Don’t make me a fighter / I’m an old soul / You wanna make me righter / That’s your goal / But you’re playing with fire / You’re fanning the flame / It’s my life / Not your game

Go take a listen to the single on The Habit’s MySpace page and get fired up yourself. When the gay marriage issue fails to get any traction in Canada later this year, the message of “Fighter” could be even better applied south of the border.

The Habit [Official Site]
The Habit [MySpace]