Who’s Going to Dole Out Pieces of Steven Slater? Quisling Flack Howard Bragman

Internet fame. A reality TV show offer. And surely countless offers to get laid via Facebook. Clearly flight attendant Steven Slater needs a handler, and he’s found one in Howard Bragman, Hollywood’s most self-aggrandizing gay rep — and Slater doesn’t even need to come out! Bragman already hooked Slater up with Barry Manilow, so you know he’s earning his retainer. May Slater’s inevitable press junket take place at the Manchester Grand Hyatt. Well, Slater, nothing is going to unravel your folk hero status more than working with this guy.

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  • RomanHans

    Thus answering the question, “What if Gloria Allred were a gay dude?”


    Slater’s story has fallen to pieces. No one on the plane can collborate his story about the luggage lunging incident. Persons are saying he came onto the flight with the cut to his head. And he supposdly wrote about exiting the job via the emergency chute months ago………

    Sorry Steven, your 15 minutes expired about a week ago……..

  • Michael

    A “folk hero?” Calamity Jane, now there was a folk hero.

  • biguy

    This Slater guy is such a fucking loser

  • Hhappa

    I have no respect for this unprofessional quitter. What is heroic about failing to do the job you were hired to do, obeying company rules? Sheesh, America, wake up!

  • Michael

    I really hope he managed to save some money. A career in Hollywood is not in the cards for this guy, and he will have a problem finding a better paying job than the one he threw away.

  • axos

    Well, I think his story is true, actually. No one on a plane will register a small exchange of words except someone sitting next by and paying attention (do any od us listen to stuff like that?), and it was all over in seconds. He also seems to have had a good reputation as a nice and patient flight attendant before this happened.

    I can’t see where he would go from here though. The boxers and tee he was sporting when picked up by the police were not exactly a fashion statement, so fashion probably won’t be an option. Actually, I can’t see him as anything but a flight attendant. He could do a reality show named “Flight attendant to the stars”, or something like that, with a TV company providing him with a job on board a private jet.

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