18 Nigerian Gays Arrested During Wedding

Nigerian coppers crashed an alleged “gay wedding” and carted 18 guests to jail this week. The men had gathered at a hotel in the Bauchi state, which follows Sharia law. As many of you know, the conservative Islamic law prohibits sexual or gender deviation and the party goers are no exception.

The Sharia punishment for sodomy is death by stoning.

The men, reportedly wearing women’s clothes, are said to have gone to Bauchi town from neighbouring states to celebrate a “gay wedding”.

Sharia judge Malam Tanimu ordered that the 18 be remanded in prison after they were arraigned before him on Wednesday.

No word on whether prosecutors will try and attempt to murder the men. Most anti-gay cases, BBC points out, are either thrown out after appeals or exchanged for prison sentence.

If only all the cases against tossers were tossed.