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22-year-old gay adult film performer hospitalized

Honest and open discussion about mental health issues can be invaluable in combating the stigma associated with seeking professional care.

But this is not quite that.

A gay adult film performer gave live updates of his difficult breakup, and while anyone who’s ended a serious relationship can attest to the all-consuming agony that accompanies sudden separation, it’s almost certainly a better idea to call a family member or close friend than to post on Twitter and Instagram for public consumption.

For 22-year-old Helix performer Ben Masters, this may be a lesson learned the hard way.

Masters was understandably upset after learning his boyfriend Angel Rivera, a fellow performer, cheated on him. Yes, even for adult film performers, open communication is absolutely vital for a healthy, nurturing relationship.

Masters posted private telephone numbers of Helix employees and confirmed he’d been hospitalized for “severe depression and anxiety.”

He then took to Instagram to share more in his story:

A cry for help is a cry for help, and we sincerely hope Masters is addressing what needs to be addressed in his life.

But perhaps a moment of consideration is needed before hitting the “share” button.

Masters has since taken to Twitter to update everyone on his progress, and apologize:

And his most recent update is his best idea yet:

So what’s the moral of the story? Be kind to those around you — you never know what someone is going through.

And if you do need help, ask for it. Here’s a place to start.