6-Year-Old Trans Girl’s Landmark Court Win Subject Of New Documentary


While the issue of bathroom policing may have found its unfortunate cultural moment as a wedge issue for the right (they’re really running out of ideas at this point), the topic isn’t new.

In fact, the subject made national headlines when 6-year-old transgender child Coy Mathis and her Colorado family brought a civil rights discrimination case against her school district and fought for her rights to use the girl’s bathroom. The district had previously told Coy she had to use the boy’s room.

The case was argued in 2013 and the family won, and it’s considered a landmark case.

Now Coy’s story is the subject of a new documentary called Growing Up Coy.

Director Eric Juhola and producer Jeremy Stulberg show audiences what it was like for Coy to develop her personality and identity against the grain of expectations, and the obstacles and media frenzy her parents faced all in the name of doing right by their child.

The film will world premiere at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival in New York on June 16 at IFC Center and June 17 at Film Society of Lincoln Center and on the east coast at Frameline40 on June 25 at the historic Castro Theater in San Francisco. More dates to be announced on the film’s Facebook page.

Catch the trailer below: