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  • Cory

    Why? The show isn’t even doing well in the ratings? If you look at the the first four episodes the numbers have dropped, meaning the audience isn’t coming back. The repeats (the bread & butter for cable) aren’t healthy either.

    Logo should spend their money more wisely.

  • Devon


  • Sug Night

    There is not one human on earth (besides themselves) that considers the current cast “A-Listers”, so I guess they’re now scouring the trailer parks for the “B-List”. The current cast is the worst, most vile, irrelevant, queenie bitches that perpetuate every gay stereotype imaginable.

  • Marc

    If they decide to do an Atlanta series, it shouldn’t be hard to find candidates. You are “A List” here in Atlanta just by having a pool in your back yard.

    Though I watch the show through my fingers, the way one watches a horror movie, I do indeed tune in, just so I can marvel at the supernova-sized lack of self-awareness.

    Wherever the next gang is from, I do hope they are at least HOT…I wouldn’t hop in the sack with any of these boys, and I’m pretty slutty.

  • scott ny'er

    @Marc: i’ll admit it. I would knock boots with Rodiney and even Reichen. Austin’s BF isn’t bad either.

    And I do watch it. It’s sad. I hate half the cast and yet I still watch it. I really don’t know why. It’s like Noah’s Arc. Stupid show but I’ll watch it.

  • Toby

    Nobody is a winner on A-List…in fact, I wonly watch to figure out who is the biggest loser…

    As of now, the biggest loser is Reichen…I had a WAY higher opinion of him before…well…he spoke.

  • L.

    I think they’re actually B-listers looking for C-listers, and they did a “2001, A Space Odyssey”-style letter-shift, à la HAL vs IBM.

  • Cam

    To all of you saying that these guys aren’t “A List” you’re right. The origional title of the show was “Kept” and they didn’t try to hide that most of the guys on it were gold diggers. They changed the name last min.

    I think the first name was much more appropriate.

  • stormskater

    Why would anyone want to be associated with these douchebags, or with the douchebags who create such appalling shows? Just for their fifteen minutes of fame, I guess, but I hope more of us will give them all pieces of our minds, rather than pieces of our precious time. “It’s deep how you can be so shallow…” –Gnarls Barkley

  • Mike

    The million dollar question is who did these asshole blow to get on this show?

  • Glenn

    So true above – bunch of nellie fem type queens perpetuating bad stereotypes that will set us back years…

  • Vman455

    Speaking of the A-List, where was the live blog this week?

  • Sug Night

    Forget Reichen – he no doubt screams out his OWN name during sex….can you say aging has-been-never-was narcissist? Rodiney is hot, but dumb as a box of hair. The others are women (with NO offense meant to women!), plain and simple, and I like my men to at least be MALE.

  • ewe

    I experienced the death of an Agay concept when AIDS devoured so many of us. I am disgusted by this superficial ugliness and insecurity.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    Wait a moment…

    Sorry, I just puked a little bit in the back of my throat.

  • JoeyO'H

    Well, I think I lot of us saw this turning into a franchise coming. Even with their ratings down, I knew it would happen and as a friend of mine and I just talked about this the other day, here comes the news of the show’s expansion.
    I really don’t know what to make of the “A-List New York.” It’s entertianing, but the cast is so self absorbed, it’s really not a true look at gay people in the big city. They are all fame seekers. Derek is pathetically all about me as well as Reichen, Rodiney and Austin. The only true cast members I do like are Ryan and gorgeous Mike Ruiz.
    I mean, come on, watching Derek order his str8 girl friend around because he had lip injections, setting up his own drag party, was embarrasing.
    I suggest the producers come to Philadelphia and show real gays at work and play, as well as some other cities besides Dallas and LA.

  • rrr

    @Cory: Where are these ratings figures you speak of and how do they compare with Logo’s normally low ratings? The network is too small to have its ratings calculated by Nielsen. Logo and the cast members have been saying the show is a hit by the standards of a tiny network like Logo.

  • Blue Shade

    Worst show on TV. It’s so so bad. If this show came on when I was coming out, I would make the decission to stay in the closet and hide forever.
    Please put me on the F list!!!!!

  • TheInsider

    Who at Logo are they banging? Maybe Bravo’s Andy Cohen put in a good word for them?

  • iDavid

    This show is pure mind trash and a disgrace to the gay community. A bunch of f***ed up one dimensional 3 year olds, including the producers. How much anger and narcissism does it take to never watch it again? One dose was enough for me. This show can f*** right off.

  • Teluride

    Yeh, maybe five year old little bitchy girls, but that is the max. This nausea belongs back in the crapper where it was spawned.

  • Tony

    Yes it’s ironic, I’m a mental health professional and work with many middle school aged children (11 and 12 year olds)… The behavior exhibited by many of these people, particularly Austin, is similar to the behavior problems my patients’ parents and teachers are seeking help for their children. It’s a sad day when my middle school client’s show more insight and ability to modify their behavior and social skills to a higher maturity level than these so called “adults”….very sad representation of not only gay people, but people in general. Logo could do so much better, couldn’t they ?

  • amber

    This show really isn’t that bad bad. In fact, I LOVE IT!!

  • rrr

    @Tony: Couldn’t you say that about the “instigator” personalities on all these kind of trash reality shows? They are always immature, attention seeking assholes.

    The cast has said the show was cast by the network in consultation with psychologists. That’s the way these shows work. They get psychological experts to find them a mix of the right type of personalities to create an easily marketable show and people stable enough that they’ll be able to survive the inevitable attention and criticism from being on this sort of show.

  • Jeffrey

    Goodbye A-List…. I’ll be back when you ditch the bitch. Why are you using the slogan “The New Housewives WITH BALLS” and placing a female on the show? STUPID MOVE, PRODUCERS!!!!! You’ve LOST me. NO MORE ALIST AT MY HOUSE! Thanks for ONE good season of GAY MEN…sure wish you could have kept it ALL GAY MEN for the SECOND one too!

  • Greg

    why would the alist producers add a female cast member when the ratings are already falling and in need of more gay male viewers? Are they stupid enough to believe that the gay male audience isn’t being attracted by the gay male cast members, so adding a black woman will take care of that?

    we are sorry, but the alist will not be on our lineup any more… THANKS ALOT FOR RUINING ANOTHER LOGO SHOW WITH A STUPID IDEA!

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