Abercrombie and Sticht

Stitcht Blanket

I have to tell you all something. That Aberclonebie and Fitch shirt you wear, yes the one you love, um, its not working. I hate to break the news, but it is true.

Too many gays, in an attempt to look younger, have adopted an obsession with vintage t-shirts and teenager looks. While Queerty loves t-shirts (especially classic white, Nice Collective, and Threadless) we hate when a 30 year old man is wearing a high school football shirt. This only works if it is from your actual high school, ladies.

It is time to move on. Yes. No more Abercrombie, American Eagle, or Hollister.

I know you have grown attached and that is why we love Stitcht. You can send them your old shirts and they will make a blanket from them. Have a bunch of old concert shirts that do not fit? Want to start dressing your age? Keep memories of your past without looking like someone trying to be someone they are not. I hate to break it to you, but you’re not 18 anymore.

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