NYPD Denies Involvement in 2004 Spying

AIDS Activist Tailed, But By Whom?

Jennifer Flynn never thought her AIDS activism would make her a target. She was wrong.

On the day before a rally by the New York City AIDS Housing Network at the 2004 Republican National Convention – a rally by an organization Flynn co-founded, and a rally that the NYPD had approved – she experienced something straight out of a spy novel.

While visiting her family in Hillside, N.J., Flynn spotted a car with a New York license plate parked outside the house. When she left to head back to her Brooklyn home that evening, the car followed hers. Shortly after leaving Hillside, two more vehicles, also with New York plates, seemed to be tailing her, too.

The NYPD…says it didn’t follow Flynn that evening. And the department’s Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence David Cohen has said no federal agency was involved in preconvention surveillance.

Moral of the story: activism gets you men. Sure, they may be shady, unidentifiable men, but most of them are, anyway!