AIDS Bills Passed


In an effort to provide as much care to HIV positive peeps as possible, the House has passed the controversial bill that will allocate more money to the rural South. For years, people assumed that AIDS lurked in urban areas (you know, where all the homos, hookers, and heroin addicts chill), but more and more cases are being documented in the South.

Politicians from larger cities, including New York, which stands to lose about $100 million in funding, have been bitching ever since the changes came up, insisting that they need the money more. Thus, Senators have threatened to stall passage unless revisions are made.

While we personally would like to see more money spent fighting AIDS rather than feckless wars, these politicians need to pull their heads out of their asses and work with what they have, rather than arguing over which citizens deserve more care. These are people’s lives, not some pissing contest. One can’t help but think that if the big city pols had their way, this would be an AIDS version of Katrina.