“American Horror Story” Actress Clea DuVall Has Empathy For Her Closeted Character

It was such a different time. You and I can look at it from the perspective of people living in 2012, but I think that the fear at that time was very real, and you could have your entire life destroyed by who you love and by being who you are. And I think Wendy was caught in a moment that she probably never expected to be in, and she’d worked so hard to hide who she was. And then to have someone just walk in her house and tell her that the person that she loved more than anything had been hurt but then also say that she’s going to tear her life apart—I definitely have compassion for her and understand the position she was put in.”

—American Horror Story‘s Clea DuVall, discussing her character, Wendy—a closeted lesbian in the early ’60s who commits her lover to an asylum rather than come out—with New York magazine. DuVall also hinted we may see Wendy again, even though she was killed by Bloody Face: “Like with the first season, if something happens to someone on the show, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re gone,” she said. “It’s American Horror Story.