An Instinctual Rise

Instinct magazine is many things to many people but Pope Benedict XVI has never spoken favorably of the publication. Queerty finds especially relevant to social progress Instinct’s monthly Mom and/or Dad of the Month column, in which a homo relates how his parents accept his gayness. The Instinct website, always a fun place to surf, offers some amusing, free e-cards, to help us keep the GLBT in the WWW.

Instinct Hunk

Happily for Instinct, it is a gay print media success story. The mag’s circulation gains in the past few years have caused many straight publications the media equivalent of penis envy. Audited by BPA Worldwide, Instinct’s circulation was found to have come in at 11.4% above its rate base guarantee for the past year. Translation for non-media types: advertisers will be more eager than ever to place pages in the mag.

Irreverence, of course, is an endearing Instinct specialty. This writer’s current horoscope, for example, reads: “Today’s a good day to do little, unexpected nice things for other people in your office. Like sleeping with them.”