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Anderson Cooper Is ‘The Least Trusted Name In News,’ Says Trustworthy Church of Scientology

If gay magazines can go after the religious, the religious magazines will go after the gays! That’s what the Church of Scientology‘s self-published magazine Freedom is doing in a RIVETING NEW EXPOSÉ!

The piece (read it here!) is, plainly, retribution for Cooper’s CNN reports about Scientology’s nefarious goings-on down there in Clearwater; last year the magazine went after the St. Petersburg Times for similar reporting.

Among Freedom‘s most ridiculous accusations, and their are many, like why his ratings are down, is that Cooper’s 360 blog has been “denying a whole host of persons a chance to present their views” by moderating comments submitted by users. The magazine’s page that hosts the article does not permit comments.

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    Ohh AC is shuddering! A sham “religion” who’s most famous face is a closeted midget actor………..

  • Qjersey

    ooh I bet he’s scared. NOT.

    Republicans took a hint from the Scientologists years ago. Attack and discredit those who disagree with you and if all else fails sue them for slander.

  • Cam

    The Scientologists are scrambling. In the days before the internet they would sue anybody who said anything bad about them and would threaten small newspapers with long expensive lawsuits to prevent true stories about them from hitting print. If somebody did report on them or sue them they would be stalked and harassed.

    Now that the internet has exposed them for the sham pyramid scheme they are, their tactics have been to bombard any blog or news outlet doing a story on them in the comments section trying to make it seem as though the audience was supportive of the church.

    They aren’t very bright about dealing with these situations, but that’s what happens when your entire marketing scheme is based on finding damaged people who will fall for a scam.

  • Eric

    Scientology is a cult.

  • Xtian99

    no offense- love Andersissy Cooper

    but all the tight black T’s next to dying Haitians and grandstanding “DRAMA!” from a closte case that likes to say “We’re Keeping Them Honest” is a bit much

    We all know CNN is a joke, but come on

  • Scot

    What would xenu do?

  • David

    I wish Anderson Cooper could find the same level of indignation for the discrimination and oppression of gays as he seems to have for cults.

    But kudos for going after the Scientologists. If they’re upset, He’s doing something right.

  • TheManyTheOne

    Scientology has a long history of lies and deception, followed by coercion and threats to buy peoples silence. They have extorted billions from their followers, forced abortions among their mothers, and destroyed families with their practices. People have DIED because of this cult. This is not slander, this is verifiable fact that anyone who wishes can easily find by googling the court rulings on the matter.

    Anonymous protests scientology for all of these things and more, but it is not the religious aspect of this cult that we oppose. It is the corporate functions of this cult that we seek to remove. There are independent organizations of scientologists who do not engage in these criminal activities, that we do no oppose…

    Hopefully everyone understands our cause is not just to protest Scientology. One of our goals is free speech. Any one who censors and destroys our rights to free speech is an enemy.

    We are Anonymous.
    We do not Forgive.
    We do not Forget.
    We? are Legion.
    Expect us.

  • ewe

    Scientology is full of backward closeted gay people.

  • bob dobbs


    That sounds suspiciously like a parroting of Scientology’s attacks against Cooper, you’re not a Scientologist, are you?

    There was nothing offensive about all the press-releases that Scientology payed for and issued on sites like pr-web.com about how it was helping in Haiti? Scientology did’nt donate 1 dollar to Haiti but it paid for a lot of press releases patting itself on the back for send TWTH booklets and dianetics counselors.

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