Anti-Gay Foes Outraise Us in California

Supporters of anti-gay Prop 8 in California have raised $16.8 Million dollars, while pro-marriage advocates have raised just $10.8 million dollars. We’re going to be $5 million short for the election unless fundraising picks up. “We must be competitive on TV or we risk losing undecided voters to the other side.” Dale Kelly Bankhead, camp manager of No On 8 said today. You can donate here. It would be a huge blow for equality if we lost this fight at the ballot box.

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  • Rick Heintz

    Please forward this on to everyone you know. They are bringing in money from ALL over the country and we are losing the battle. We need the entire LGBT Community to come together on this. Remember… What happens in California floats east.

  • Rick Heintz

    Also if you live in California please call your local office and come out to phone bank. It’s an awesome feeling to contact the undecided voters and talk to them about this.

  • faghag

    For fuck’s sake!!!!!!!!! why is America such a backward country?

  • Mad Professah

    I was at an event on Friday night at a private home in West Hollywood that raised over $40k from mostly gay (white) guys where a compelling line was “Give 4 or 5 times what you have ever given to a gay cause before. If we win this fight now we will not have to fight it again (in California) for the next decade or more.”

  • Brian Miller

    The donations tell one story, the polls show another.

    Even as the Prop 8 proponents rake in additional cash, their ballot initiative is plunging in the polls. The latest polls show the anti-gay side has only 38% support, versus 52% who are opposed to it.

    Support for the measure continues to decline, too.

    So their extra cash isn’t helping them in their dastardly campaign.

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