Are You Clipped?

“Do you have rectangular privates, or are you too fashion dead to carry a money clip?”

Don’t let a bulky wallet embarrass the pants off of you. Get in touch with your inner dandy by opening yourself to the refined world of money clips. One favorite is the Paloma Picasso-designed sterling silver item available from Tiffany’s, who also offer other clips notable for their understated elegance.

Money Clip

If you are planning a wedding, your groomsman or groomsdyke as well as other members of the party will appreciate your presenting them with monogrammed gold money clips. Even if you simply want to banish bulky annoying wallets to a cringe-inducing past, you could do worse than to start your money clip search at Neiman Marcus. A more recent hybrid accessory combines a money clip with a slender card holder; while larger than a traditional clip, it is still less obtrusive than a wallet.