Are You Ready For A Big Burly Beard Calendar?

beardsScott Hutcheson has apparently had it with the ubiquitous calendars of generic hot dudes, kittens and puppies. The Fayetteville, Arkansas-based photographer/graphic designer, plans to feature Northwest Arkansas men with awesome beards and their manly-man looks in a new calendar.

“I just thought, ‘There are plenty of swimsuit calendars and body builder calendars,’” Hutcheson said. “Why not a calendar with some really big, burly beards?”

1465157_242514672571307_1364581788_nHe reached out to local celebrities – such as DJ Matthew Bailey – and already has a few photo shoots under his belt. Each month will observe an interesting theme, such as September, which is national chicken wing month.  Model Phillip Farris is stuffing his face with a large piece of rotisserie chicken with a fluffy beard, long hair and tattoos to boot.

“We’re trying to find a few more guys. I wanted to open it up to Northwest Arkansas, and give people an opportunity to say, ‘Hey, I have an amazing beard. I want to be in your beard calendar,” said Hutcheson.

The calendars, which will be sold in Arkansas and online in mid-December, will cost ten bucks. In a sidenote of interest, Hutcheson’s hometown of Fayetteville (pop. 80,000) is considered a “liberal” enclave in the south and even supports a handful of gay bars.

For more information, you can visit Hutcheson’s website.