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Australia’s New Straight Guy Retreat Destined To Become Overrun With Homosexuals

Are you and your straight male buddies ready for the “ultimate man-cation”? Then you need to head to the men-only Lynx Lodge in New South Wales in Australia, which is staffed by all women. Translation: Pretty fag hags to wait hand and foot on your and the boys while everyone hits the beach in a Speedo!

Australian: “The resort is set to open in November this year and is a trail to gauge interest. The company cited a study of 500 men which showed that 66 per cent have taken a guys-only holiday with their friends in the last two years.”

[Australian, NYP, Gawker]

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  • Phil

    Seems rather exploitive to me.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    Poor women. The lodge will be filled with ugly desperate middle-aged men who hunt in packs. It’s like Hooters but in the middle of f*cking nowhere.

  • EdWoody

    Trial, not trail.

  • soakman

    Why so much emphasis on Australia? Also, what does this have to do with GLBT news or current events?

    And thirdly, this is exactly the kind of thing that WOULD be appealing to Australians…

  • Mark, in Queensland

    @soakman: Not ALL Australians mate.

  • Michael

    Sounds like a Boy Scout Jamboree for Boy Scouts who never grew up.

  • Hammar

    What a nightmare such a retreat! Horrible! I recoil from the very thought in deep disgust. If you want homosexuality to be called a deviant trait, then you’re certainly entitled to your man-cation in such a deviant retreat. And psychotherapy.

  • Michael

    The only one who will make money off this gig, is the guy who got paid to provide the survey.

  • adman

    I remember those ads with Paul Hogan in them from the 80’s..he was walking out of the ocean with speedos on, looking sexy and six packed…Woof! Where is the sexy in vacation ads, some skinny straight dude? lol. Seduce us, Australia! That’s you at your best…

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