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  • shane

    i love Brazilian balls!

  • gay as life

    Well, it’s a commercial for an Electronic Arts Inc video game in France. So I’m gonna guess, um, France? It’s obviously a corporate “viral video” created to get people talking, but really just created with CGI balls.

    And I’m also gonna guess that someone at Queerty is jonesing for free video game swag.

  • Tweety

    Very cool! My guess would be Mexico City, given the green and white VW bug taxi.

  • Casper Odschild

    I’m saying mexico, and just as G.A.L. said it’s a viral cgi produced commercial, it is obvious in some parts, and let me remind you of the video known as “Urban Surfing” for Quicksilver
    and the recent YSL collection for men that lacked a runway but instead did a web-vid for viral spread.


  • Dawster

    first of all, it’s a promo for the game FIFA Street 3. second, it’s based off guys in France, as the website would show. third, it isn’t created by CGI balls, it’s a bunch of guys that play street football (soccer), and have become quite good at various tricks. like everything else, EA tried to make and entire game concept out of it, including hauling the guys in for some motion-capture animation sessions.

    and like everything else in the video game world, the end result is cool, but nowhere near as cool as the reality.

  • Out at the Center

    While the urban landscape is similar to what you see in Sao Paulo, I will have to go with Mexico City as well, or DF, as they say. The song is in Spanish and in one of the opening shots you can clearly see a painted sign on one of the walls that is in Spanish.

  • -M-

    The urban landscape, architectural ‘style’ (if you can even call it that) and the slums do remind me more of Mexico City than France. Honestly.

  • Gay as life

    I wasn’t saying it was filmed in France. I meant that it was created in a board room at a corporate headquarters in France. Filming, yeah, was probably in Mexico.

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