‘Bedford’ Lesbians Too Hot For TV

A controversial “same-sex kiss” on The WB’s new series The Bedford Diaries had to be deleted from tonight’s premiere episode, lest they suffer the wrath of the FCC.

The kiss, between two female characters, was only supposed to last a few seconds, but parents complained after news of the kiss was going to air, since the program is aimed at a teenage audience. “Apparently they [the FCC] has a problem with showing a girl’s nipples in silhouette,” according to the show’s fansite. We imagine the scene is some dark, steamy L Word kind of thing.

Though an edited version will be broadcast on TV tonight, the episode will be run in its entirety on the website here later in the week. And obviously the controversy is working wonders for the show’s notoriety, since they already have a fan site even though they haven’t been on the air yet.

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