Benjamin Maisani’s New Bar Is Begging You To Scrawl ‘For A Good Time Call Anderson Cooper’

Benjamin Maisani, boyfriend to Anderson Cooper and co-owner of Eastern Bloc in New York’s East Village, is opening a new haunt in Alphabet City with partner Pablo Raimondi. It’s called Bedlam! “Expect a menagerie of taxidermy (North American animals e.g., moose, bear, ram, stag) as well as various other objects of fascination,” somebody in the know tells Michael Musto. At last, the bears in Anderson’s life won’t only be on television.

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  • Brian

    Queerty, you used this photo at least once, maybe more, a year or two, ago.

    Granted, they both look great here, but couldn’t you find a more recent picture?

  • A.G.

    @Brian: For a more recent pic of Anderson, check out “Just Jared.” It was taken earlier this week. Sadly, there is no boyfriend.

  • rrr

    There are plenty of pics of these guys around since they’re out doing things together all the time.

    It’s weird Queerty has been using the same one pic for a year since they are interested enough to post the articles about this couple. I guess they are too cheap to pay a photoservice for the use of a newer pic?

  • Cal

    It’s clear AC’s man has a lot going on and isn’t just some dim mass of muscles and they do seem pretty happy together since they’ve been a couple for a little over a year or so. It would be nice if AC would show up to the opening of this place to support his partner and actually SAY Ben is his partner for once, but whatevs. Looks like a cool place.

  • Soupy

    I’m sure he’s a great guy, but if he were to be, say, accidently hit by a car and killed, Anderson would need someone to lean on and cry with and I would be there.

  • alan brickman

    Anderson’s is on CNN. The station that reported they are too many gays on TV …right???

  • rrr

    @alan brickman: HLN was the station that examined that question “lots of gay characters on TV – good or bad for society?” on Showbiz Tonight. It was bizarre since last time I looked gay AJ Hammer is on Showbiz Tonight, out Jane Velez-Mitchell is part of the HLN prime time line up, and the only guys watching HLN’s gossip programs are gay.

    The content of the piece was pretty OK but the question itself is ridiculous, inappropriate and objectionable. I suppose you could say sensationalist gossipy HLN thrives on the ridiculous and inappropriate all the time, but still.

  • Michael

    @Brian: Really? I’ve never seen that moose before.

  • Jorge

    What’s the connection between Bedlam and taxidermy?

  • scott ny'er

    what the hell is HLN?

  • Joe

    god… it looks like Gaston (from Beauty & the Beast) decorated that place.

  • Jeff

    I hope their new firehouse, I mean home, is decorated better than this bar.

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