Be A Part of Bianca Del Rio's New Web Series 'Bianca Hates You'

Bianca Hates You Bianca Del Rio
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The clown is back!

Bianca Del Rio, who’s still celebrating her win on the sixth season of Rupaul’s Drag Race, has launched a comical new web series entitled ‘Bianca Hates You,’ in partnership with the filmmakers for her upcoming feature-length film ‘Hurricane Bianca.’

In episode one, which is entitled ‘Bianca Del Rio’s Personal Insult Video for Jayson,’ Bianca makes fun of a Jewish club promoter. He’s Jewish, so we can image that the jokes came easily! 😉

Check out the first episode below.

If you want Bianca to personally flip through her rolodex of hate and make a video insulting you, you’re in luck! Currently, ‘Hurricane Bianca’ is crowdfunding to raise money for production costs, and anybody who donates at least $1,000 will be featured in their own episode of ‘Bianca Hates You!”