A collage showcasing five Boston drag kings and queens in an array of flamboyant and elaborate makeup and outfits.

Boston drag queens and kings embody the city’s revolutionary spirit with their boldness, artistry, and advocacy; and Boston’s rich history and diverse culture provide a unique backdrop for the flourishing drag community to freely express themselves.

Herstorically, Boston has been home to some incredible talent that has graced stages both locally and nationally, including stars who’ve rocketed to fame on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Queens like Jujubee, Katya, and Plane Jane have roots tied to Boston, showcasing the depth and diversity of talent cultivated here.

But Boston’s drag culture extends beyond these renowned names. It thrives on a tight-knit community that supports and uplifts one another, making every performance an act of communal celebration.

The Boston drag scene

Boston boasts an array of drag shows and related events that highlight the immense talent and creativity of its performers. Iconic venues like Club Café, Machine Nightclub (before it closed), and Jacques Cabaret offer stages where both established and emerging drag artists can showcase their talents.

Jacques Cabaret, in particular, is known for being the oldest drag venue in Boston, offering an intimate space for performers.

The city also hosts countless drag brunches and special events where you can see its amazing drag talent in action throughout the week.

Meet the drag queens and kings of Boston

So, who are Boston’s future drag superstars? They’re the artists lighting up the stages, bringing laughter, tears, and thought-provoking performances to the forefront. Join us as we explore just a taste of the dazzling array of talent Boston’s drag scene has to offer:

Rusty Hammer

Rusty is a trailblazing trans drag king and a winner of Boston’s Drag Gauntlet who effortlessly brings back the golden oldies with a fresh twist.

Violencia Exclamation Point

Violencia competed on the third season of The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula, and is recognized for her punk aesthetic and dynamic presence as a host at numerous drag shows around Boston.

Briar Blush

The self-proclaimed Pinup Princess of Boston, Briar is a Latina fashionista who captivates audiences with her glamorous and impeccably styled performances.

Candace Persuasion

Candace is a local Boston gem who captured hearts worldwide when her powerful message “Trans is Beautiful” went viral during Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour.

Kori King

Kori serves her followers looks on Instagram and feeds them laughs with humorous TikTok videos. She also brings that same energy to her performances around the city.

Destiny Boston

Destiny is a stylish fishy trans femme queen, whose expertise as a stylist makes her a must-see performer and overall trendsetter in the local drag community.

Stef Anya

Stef is an edgy club girlie, known for keeping the energy high and the crowds gagging on her charismatic performances.

Just JP

Just JP, “Boston’s Bearded Latin Baby,” proudly holds titles including Mx. Gay Boston 2022 and Winner of Drag Wars 1. Blending genders and breaking barriers, JP is all about celebrating every facet of identity with open arms and a big heart.

Heather Rose

Heather is a fairytale nightmare fantasy queen who brings a unique blend of drag and burlesque to Boston, showcasing a range of captivating performances. They’re all about mixing it up and keeping the audience guessing.

Harlow Havoc

Harlow calls herself “Boston’s Chaotic Party Girl” for a reason. As a hostess, DJ, entertainer, and Miss Gay Boston 2022, she knows exactly how to amp up the energy and make every event one to remember.

Camille Yen

Camille’s Khmer Chinese heritage and Gemini spirit make her performances and looks truly special. She’s all about embracing every aspect of her identity and sharing it with the world through her art.

Alana Thicc

No Growing Pains here! Alana Thicc is the queen of turning heads, known for being the often-blonde, and always big-chested babe who knows how to make a statement with and without her words.

Lily Rose Vallore

Lily is a showgirl through and through. Her performances? Nothing short of mesmerizing, filled with energy, skill, and a whole lot of twirls.

Regina Jackson

As a licensed hairdresser by day and a drag show hostess by night, Regina knows how to keep both the stage and her clients looking oh-so fabulous.

Delilah N’Chains

Delilah is a trans bombshell who thrills audiences as a drag artist, burlesque dancer, and pro wrestler in the Boston League Of Wicked Wrestlers.

Raquel Surpreeze

Raquel lives up to her name with every performance, surprising and delighting Boston crowds with her creativity and flair. She’s all about leaving a lasting impression.


Shakaren’s hips don’t like as she’s a glam fashion queen known for her unique sultry-with-an-edge style, making her a memorable figure on the Boston drag circuit.

Big Atlas

Big Atlas, who is BFFs with Plane Jane, is not only an artistic queen herself but also styles wigs for fellow queens, including notable RPDR stars like Luxx Noir London, Jax, Kandy Muse, and more.


Binx stands out with her fashion-forward, dark-edge aesthetic. She also has incredible sewing skills, crafting exquisite corsets for herself and others to rock on the stage.

Chanel thee Angel

Chanel is a queen whose body-ody-ody commands attention—along with her striking looks and powerful stage presence.

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