Big Gay Road Trip: Dadeo

On our way out of Edmonton, we had to have a quick bite to eat at Dadeo, a small Cajun restaurant on Whyte Ave. (a main drag that had just been ravaged by hockey fans the night before after the local team, the Oilers, won their match against the Anaheim Might Ducks). Reader Tony had told us that Dadeo was one of the best restaurants in the city, and also a rare find because Edmonton is quite a ways from New Orleans.


We usually judge a Cajun restaurant by its gumbo, and we were not disappointed, plus the fried oyster po’ boy sandwich had the biggest and juicest oysters we had ever seen battered and fried. Our one gripe would be the lack of crawfish on the menu. They were nowhere to be found either in a sandwich or on a big platter (how we like them… sucking the heads is so satisfying). We suppose they can be forgiven since Edmonton is pretty far from any water. There are photos of our meal and the restaurant after the jump.

The decor is kind of retro 50s, with a lunch counter and little two-person booths.

Each booth has its own minijukebox.

Before the meal, we got these little biscuits with a yummy sweet jalapeno jelly.

The po’ boy was perfect, and the gumbo had the traditional combinationof meats (minus crawfish), a nice thick texture, and subtle spices.

Dadeo [Official Site]

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