Bill Clinton Crosses Prop. 8 Picket-Line, Snubs Protesters


On Saturday, approximately 200 protesters showed up at San Diego’s Manchester Grand Hyatt to protest Doug Manchester’s $125,000 contribution to Prop. 8 as well as former President Bill Clinton’s decision to cross the months old picket line to give a paid speech. Did the former Prez meet any of the protesters, which included NAMES-Project founder Cleve Jones and the Courage Campaign’s Rick Jacobs? No. Did he acknowledge the fact that while he was talking about how “we are a multiracial, multireligious, multiethnic country” in his speech, gays and lesbians were outside in the rain demonstrating because their basic civil rights had ben taken away? No. Is Bill Clinton a friend of the gay community?

Hell no. San Diego’s Rex Wockner attended the event and writes:

“Near the demonstration’s end, four gay activists entered the hotel in an attempt to deliver to Clinton 30,000 signatures collected by the Courage Campaign urging Clinton to relocate his convention address to a different venue.
Courage Campaign Chair Rick Jacobs (right), NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt founder and union activist Cleve Jones (holding petitions), Sara Beth Brooks of the San Diego Equality Campaign (left), and local Pride at Work Co-chair Carlos Marquez were halted just inside the main entrance by hotel staff.

The activists requested that Clinton or a representative meet with them to receive the petitions. The hotel staff said they would relay the message, then walked away. After several minutes, the staffers returned and the activists repeated their request. The staffers again said they would relay the message, then walked away.
There was no indication that the activists’ request was passed on to Clinton or his representatives and, thereafter, the hotel staff simply ignored the activists.

The activists huddled for a few minutes and then left the hotel and returned to the rally.”