Bill Ritter: Why A Democrat Should Never Cross The Gays

Somewhere, Cleveland politician Bill Ritter is making a voodoo doll in the image of Brian.

Ritter is running in Ohio’s upcoming Democratic primary for a seat in the state House, and Brian–blogger of Faggoty-Ass Faggot–received a notice from the Stonewall Democrats, highlighting Ritter’s stance against gay marriage:

“Mike Foley (Ritter’s opponent) was asked if he was ‘For Gay Marriage?’ Mike said ‘Yes’ he supports gay marriage. UNLIKE MIKE this concerns me since I DO NOT want this to become a state law. I feel a Marriage is between a MAN and a WOMAN. That is the WAY I WILL VOTE in Columbus! In FACT Mike Foley has been ENDORSED by the STONEWALL DEMOCRATS, who are a GAY/LESBIAN political action committee. His endorsement is largely because of His Support of Gay Marriage.”

It’s pretty disheartening news, as the Democrats are supposed to at least not vote for a gay marriage ban, regardless of whether they support full marriage rights or not. But FAF not being a place to mince words, Brian loaded the letter onto his page for all to enjoy; too bad the letter also included Ritter’s phone number. Which people called.

A lot…

And some even recorded the conversations.

From Brian’s blog post, word spread so fast that by mid-afternoon, Ritter lost the endorsements of the local United Auto Workers chapter, as well as the Cleveland Teachers Union AND the Ohio Federation of Teachers, which is quite problematic since Ritter’s day job is as a teacher. He’s also getting prank calls all day, presumably from angry queers who don’t like their Democrats getting into bed with the homophobes of the Republican/Christian Right. Ritter, of course, feels he is the victim, and he was just misunderstood:

“I’m getting harassed,” he said. “That letter was in no way, shape or form bashing the gay community. My lack of support for gay marriage is simply this: I’m trying to also be fair to another segment of our populace who think this may not be religiously proper.”

Oh, good. That’s all cleared up now.

Honestly, we’d rather see someone in office who admits he/she thinks gay marriage is wrong; at least they have the guts to stand up for what they believe. We hope Ritter loses big time in the primary, and all learn the power of the internet. We loves. Three cheers for Brian.

Ohio primaries give Ritter the cold shoulder