Blog Spotlight: Chloe Bennett Elderkin


We got an email the other day from Jeff Bennett, co-founder of Apparently, he reads Queerty too. As should any gay with taste, style, and a sense of humor.

Not that we weren’t interested in what Mr. Bennett wrote to us, but it was Jeff’s email signature that caught our attention. It reads “Chloe’s Full-time Dad & Mark’s Illegal Husband.” It was so cute we almost screamed like little girls.

Upon further inspection we found out that Chloe, the daughter of the ultimate gay power couple, the one that took public, has her own blog. Well of course she does.

Yes, yes we know this is not the typical dry wit, tranny-obsessed, bitchy blog we usually highlight. Get over it. Chloe’s blog and its simple images speak volumes. They are inspiring, adorable, and a reminder that families come in many configurations.