Boulton Blames ‘HX’ Staffers For Nanny Sex Rumor

Genre‘s Neal Boulton gets more scandalous press today.

When we last saw the lady-loving fag-rag editor, he defended himself against rumors that he was spending time with a buxom Penthouse model. Boulton admitted chilling with the chick, but insists his heart lies with his recently reconciled wife, Claire, who bore him two children.

Today, however, some “sources” tell Page Six that Boulton’s been carrying on with his children’s nanny, who’s shacked up in Boulton’s former bachelor pad. Boulton denies he’s diddling the help, and points the fingers at his coworkers at HX magazine, whose corporate owner, Window Media hopes Boulton can help save from certain doom.

I do think I have annoyed gay folks, even though I have been riskily honest about all of my proclivities, including women… And I was recently hired as a consultant to re-launch HX, a small free bar magazine, which shares Genre offices. I made major changes there and believe I may have p-ed off some HX people because their spies saw me out with her.

Boulton goes on to again reiterate that he’s been honest about his “very David Bowie life” and reassures readers that if he were fucking his nanny, we’d know all about it: “…I never had a relationship with her of any kind. If I had, I’d have bragged about it.”

Ain’t that the truth!

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  • ggreen

    Does any one give a shit about this trailer-park refugee and his monosyllabic white trash life? He continually hits the same note “looser” and this blog reports it like the jerk has discovered penicillin. This fuglies 15 minutes were up half an hour ago.

    Queerty Editors: White trash acts like white trash is not news.

    So quit reporting it so breathlessly that you sound as though you’re getting even for something.

  • mysteriously anonymous

    More importantly, why does Page Six deem him interesting enough to report on?

    He talks to people like a cross between a used car salesman, a wrestling coach, and Louis B. Mayer. I know for a fact he calls Page Six on himself.

  • Paul

    I never knew the Genre editor was straight, but now it makes sense why so-so magazine suddenly went straight to crap awhile back. Who even reads it anymore?

  • hisurfer

    I second GGreen. You guys are coming across as obsessed with this man. I’m sensing some kind of spurned love-crush. And if not … why? Why the detailed reporting every time he farts?

  • oakling

    Why can’t they put all the letters in “pissed off”?

  • BlkGirlnthecity

    Is this the same HX that was reporting that the office was closing? Those HX girls need to chill.

  • Sexinthecity

    Someone “may have seen me out” and blaming is a real stretch – even for Queerty. FInd something more interesting to write about

  • hells kitchen guy

    I have a feeling that the “source” was Mr. Boulton. Guy is a heat-seeking publicity missile for his own press. I don’t blame Page Six for writing this up – they’re nitwits. But I agree that Queerty shouldn’t be enabling his self-publicizing jones.

  • Gregg

    Page Six does make random choices – you are correct HK. At least Boulton and Genre are still around – I heard that OUT is up for sale and is closing.



  • Instyleer

    Hells Kitchen guy are you in the business? Very funny. It seems that the industry girls are really at each other. I like Boulton’s more masculine picture – not the katie lang look – so three years ago.

  • just asking

    Everyone knows that Neal is having fun out there and that he lives like this. I say you go! Queerty is just doing their snarky job and having fun with him too. What’s the problem here?

  • hells kitchen guy

    I’m not in “the business,” and my boyfriend is far away from any gay publication, thank Jesus.

  • Brandon Voss

    Just for the record, and for the 3 people who give a rat’s ass, my editorial team and I like Neal, appreciate what he’s done for the mag so far, and are not personally responsible for any info “leaks,” which Neal knows. It’s all just a stupid misunderstanding, but we do enjoy the inexplicable free publicity. XOXO, Gossip Girl

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