Brad Renfro Lands In Jail. AGAIN.

brad renfro 1
We feel such sadness for Mr. Renfro. Not only did we love him in Apt Pupil and disturbing gay-fave Bully, but he was one of the great beauties of his time. That is, before he turned himself into a troll by drinking too much. Puffy Face Syndrome, it ruins your cheekbones.

brad renfro.jpg

Brad now. Eek.

It seems THIS time, Mr. Renfro got loaded and jumped behind the wheel of a car, pulling his best Diana Ross Driving School impersonation. Keep in mind he was already on probation for possession of heroin, a case he settled only days before. We’re beginning to wonder if we’ll ever see the likes of him again.

Brad Renfro, The Earl Of Trainwrecksville [Zap2it]