Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Just Ask One Of These Guys

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Breakin’ up is hard to do

If you’ve experienced the exquisite joys of building a life with a lover, chances are you’v also endured the indescribable pain that comes with a breakup.

To appreciate the highs you must experience the lows, or some bullshit like that.

Below, guys who are going through it vent on Whisper.

What’s your worst breakup nightmare story?

I broke up with my boyfriend last Wednesday and we agreed on being friends I feel weird but it feels right Is this normal? I'm gay

I broke up with my boyfriend and instantly regretted it. But after he said some hurtful things, making me not regret it. Gay love is just a fable.

I moved out on my own just so I wouldn't have to tell my parents that I'm gay... Now my boyfriend broke up with me because I wouldn't introduce him to them.

I'm a gay male and my mom asked me after my breakup with boyfriend of 2 years to try liking females. I wish I could ask her the same thing.

I feel like after I broke up with my ex it's been harder to find someone else  I'm a gay guy

Breaking up at 27 sucks. Not only did I lose my true love, I lost my best friend of 6 years. Now I have to pick up the pieces alone. Doesn't help that I'm gay either.

I'm gay, and last year I fell for a guy who broke my heart. I'm still not over it. I hate seeing him at school.

 I still think of him everyday, but he broke up with me well over a year ago. He was the love of my life. I will find love again hopefully one day? Being a gay 29 year old is difficult.

I'm gay, and my now ex boyfriend let me have sex with him, him knowing he was breaking up with me in a half hour. He claimed that there was a girl he fell in love with who distracted him from me. FML!

I regret breaking up with my boyfriend, I no longer want to be just friends! I'm gay and lonely.

My boyfriend and I moved here 10mons ago for his job.. We have been together for 3 years.. He broke up with me but still wants to be friends. I don't know what I'll do.. Being gay here sucks.

I'm gay and my boyfriend just broke up with me... he says he loves me and wants to spend his life with me but not just yet. His loss I guess.

My boyfriend just broke up with me today when I was at work and by text. Then he wanted to say we can still be friends. Like WTF! Really  We're both gay

I'm gay and my boyfriend broke up with me. Ugh, makes me wonder if he ever loved me. There goes a year and 9 months.

Being a closeted gay hurts so much. My boyfriend and I broke up over something stupid and now I am forced to go through it alone

I've been gay my whole life, never touched a woman sexually. Ever since my breakup though, I've craved a woman's body. I don't know what to feel about that.

I'm a gay male and my first relationship with a man ended with him breaking up with me after a week & he took my virginity. I just want someone who can fill the hole in my chest.

I'm a gay guy and my boyfriend broke up with me. I moved here for him. Now I know 3 people outside of work. I'm lonely, heartbroken, and terrified.