Call "Security Threat" Claim "Homophobic Nonsense"

British Coppers Defend Queen Defending Queen

Britain’s Transport Police defended 29-year old Chris Dreyfus after conservative curmudgeons blasted the 29-year old’s Facebook page as a “security threat”.

Dreyfus, who heads Queen Elizabeth’s security team, joked that he wanted people to “bite, grope, lick or spank him” and also displayed a conversation in which he cracked to a friend, “Hope the leather shorts didn’t chafe too much on Saturday.”

Reading the gay details, defense “expert” Rob Starbuck said,

People in these sort of positions ought to think before doing this. Someone could take advantage of the information and seek to open him up to bribery.

More importantly, any terrorist wanting to target a member of the Royal family or Cabinet Minister he is protecting would welcome such information.

Another incensed source told The Sun,

Where have our usual standards of decency and restraint gone? No one gives a hoot that Inspector Dreyfus is openly homosexual, but revealing personal information like this is reckless.

Transport Police, however, came to Dreyfus’ defense, describing these claim as “homophobic nonsense”. Spokesman Simon Lubin declared:

I think it wasn’t a good idea for him to put up some details about his work, but it’s clearly a homophobic story. Why would he be a security risk?

If you look at the profile there’s nothing wrong with it. I had a look at it and I think it’s been misrepresented – it’s a lot of homophobic nonsense.

What he had on there, there was nothing exceptional about it. He’s openly gay. I don’t know where the idea that it’s a security risk comes from, it’s rubbish. Some of the stuff they’re talking about is stuff that other people have written

For his part, Dreyfus deleted all references to his job from the Facebook page and insisted “there’s nothing sexually explicit on my site”. He also defended his privacy: “As long as I do not do anything to disgrace the force then what I do privately is acceptable.” Except for leather shorts – go for chaps, Dreyfus! They breathe better.