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California Lesbian Couple Arrested In Horrific Child Abuse Case

sad-house11199-jpgA lesbian couple has been arrested in California after investigators discovered the three children in their care living in squalid conditions and suffering from long term abuse.

The Herald is reporting that 44-year-old Christian Deanda (top) and 31-year-old Eraca Craig were arrested near their home on charges of false imprisonment and felony child cruelty.

Found in their Salinas, CA home were the 3-year-old male biological child of one of the women as well as a 5-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl who were legally adopted by the women.

All showed signs of varying levels of abuse.

According to The Herald, the scene of the crimes and the treatment of the children in the couple’s care was nothing short of horrific:

The girl was the most abused, deputies said, though all three had bruises and other marks and appeared to be malnourished. Officers said they found signs the girl had been chained to the wall and said she may have been held in a closet. Investigators believe she was shackled at times at the ankle and at other times by a collar around her neck. One deputy reported the girl was chained “to keep her from obtaining food.”(Monterey County Sheriff Scott) Miller said it appeared she had “hardly eaten for months.”

Craig and Deanda are being held in Monterey County Jail on bail of $50,000, and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 28.

The children have all been placed in foster care, and we hope that they get the support they need from loving parents, gay or straight.

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  • Kenover

    Oh great… Just what we needed. This sick little story should fan the flames of the anti-gay parenting crowd. From the looks of that crappy house, I’m surprised they weren’t running a meth lab too.

  • yayjulian

    hope they get put away forever.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Kenover: You’re right, despite the fact that there have been at least TWO recent stories almost identical to this about heterosexual couples the Right will ignore the straights who did this and make this a gay issue, saying that LGBT people are as a rule, dreadful parents.

    But what is so odd is that this seems to be some sort of sick trend. Why are some people doing this to their children?

    The most important thing however is that these poor children are now safe and can hopefully get the help that they need. I hope that their lives from this point on are happy and healthy.

  • HirsuteOne


    Yep. This is exactly what NOM and their ILK need to distract from their continuing loss in the battle for marriage equality. We’ll have this thrown in our faces for quite some time, no doubt.

  • Harley

    Well, of course, heterosexual child abuse is much more acceptable than homosexual child abuse. At least with heterosexual child abuse it happens in a loving Christian home, as GOD intended.

  • jckfmsincty

    Lock them up and throw away the key.

  • vklortho

    @Kenover: That’s near Monterey, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that house was $200k or more. :P

  • colin4

    good think is kids r safe now
    I never thot some LGBT person or couple to do sth so horrible like this considering that they own must have been gone thro stuff like this or similar including fear n all its just awful n its even gonna increase some people’s anger against gay people who’ll take it a gay issue

  • colin4


  • clubmudslide

    Let me see…… straight people have never claimed to be perfect. Not all straight people are Christians. This story made news because of the horrificness of their abuse. Guaranteed if a straight couple had done this, it still would have made news. People like Harley and Colin acting like this story is being put out because they are a LGBT couple or that LGBT couples cannot ever commit child abuse are just deluding themselves. Child abuse can be committed by LGBT couples just as much as straight couples. LGBT people are not any more perfect or free from human flaws than straight people. Oh, and another thing HATE BEGETS MORE HATE. Want people to be more accepting? Quit acting like your shit don’t stink. Not all LGBT people act like that, surely those that do will definitely be offended. LGBT people are human, too and make the same mistakes that straight people do. Those who believe otherwise are just fooling themselves. There have been lots of straight people in the news who have committed horrific crimes, but nobody cries discrimination because of it.

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