Bar Boots Woman, Woman Fights Back

Canadian Queers Not Down With Ladies

Gays these days! First an Australian bar fights for – and wins – the right to bar straight folk and lesbians, now a Canadian bar’s under fire for giving a woman the boot.

Audrey Vachon stepped into Montreal’s Bar le Stud (seriously?) for a quick drink with her father, but left after a staffer told her they don’t welcome women. Needless to say, Vachon didn’t welcome the news:

On the spot I didn’t believe it, I thought it was a bad joke. I didn’t say a word until I’d left. I was too shocked. I was embarrassed, I was humiliated, I felt guilty that I’d even gone there, like I’d done something wrong.

Now Vachon’s doing the right thing: she’s filed a complaint with Quebec’s Human Rights Tribunal.

It’s understandable that gay men want a space of their own, it’s an entirely unproductive practice. How can we fight for civil rights when we’re not willing to share the wealth. But that’s just our opinion….