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  • AdonisOfFire

    HAHAHAH! That was awesome, the guy seems really crooked, I would cockslap him.

  • Tom

    I am neither gay or bi, but i strongly feel what ever people do or like should stay with them and not be a curse.To be held against them and have others look at you as some kind of monster. To bad Carl Paladino is so narrow minded and thick headed. With his big mouth and pathetic thinking pattern he just shut himself out of the election. He had some us thinking ” finally someone for the people” but once again, just another blonder.

    But one thing for sure Mr. Paladino is done like a cheap TV dinner. Thanks to his tough guy image. He complained about dragging personal family issues into the picture, but he didn’t hesitate dragging Cuomo’s so called affair into the picture, then when his bluff was called by that reporter. He blew a gasket, just a spineless jellyfish. That’s very typical of Buffalo politician. That man should save what face he has left and just crawl back into the hole he came from, and quit. He is already loosing votes and support at a rapid pace too.
    Good job Carl, how does your taste? maybe you should eat something before you make any more comments about people’s life style.

  • Derek Washington

    I LOVE these videos! Please do one on Sharron Angle!

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