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CBS Bravely Shows As The World Turns‘ Gay Kiss to Internet-Only Audience

The 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, where game and talk shows take annual turns accepting an award, last weekend paid tribute to As The World Turns, the CBS soap opera that’s going off the air in the fall after continuously airing since 1956. So producers of the telecast, which also aired on CBS, queued up a tribute to the show that included gay characters Noah and Luke (who once had The Sex). Except television audiences didn’t see the smooch.

Editors cut away to the next scene in the vignette before they locked lips, because ewww yucky!! But the complete version, notes After Elton, has been released in full — kiss and all.

I’m surprised they don’t make you verify your age before clicking play.

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  • jason

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the those Emmy’s producers are self-loathing homosexual men or, alternatively, out gay men who pander to homophobic “sensitivities”.

  • Kieran

    What’s the name of the editor at CBS……Fred Phelps?

  • Hilarious

    It’s actually due to Proctor and Gamble that they aren’t allowed to show the kiss. Don’t blame CBS, they wouldn’t have recorded it in the first place if they didn’t want it seen.

    Proctor and Gamble makes the final decision and they decided money trumps gay fans.

  • Jaroslaw

    This has already been said many times, but I will repeat: how can television show any number of things such as mass murdering psychopaths, armies decimating villages/cities; rape and everything else, but a same sex KISS is too controversial? Disgusting as usual.

  • Clint

    too bad. it was a cute kiss.


    @Hilarious: 100% Correct…… All the bluehaired red state old bags who still watch soap operas would have gotten the auto calls from the family research council to bombard P&G and the FCC with the exact same complaint carefully worded by Tony Perkins and his minions about how a Gay kiss forever tainted their 20″ Sony trinitrons……………

  • Jaroslaw

    #6 PWWO – you made me think of something else – the “Blue Haired Hags” are how old now? Many of them have been through wars, major medical problems, deaths of spouses, parents sometimes even children; my Grandmother is going to be 90 soon, grew up in the depression or similar experiences

    AND a KISS is going to ruin the country? Really…. ???


    @Jaroslaw: You are 100% correct, unfortunately waaaaay too many folks out there adhere to the garbage spewed out of the “christian” orgs like family research council who have thousands of persons on auto contact thru email or phone and advise when a something “offensive” occurs on the TVs. Many of them never even see the event in question yet fire off missives to the sponsor, network, or FCC complaining…….

  • Jaroslaw

    #8 PWWO – did you ever read any books by Robert Boston of Americans United for Separation of Church & State? They are incredibly well done, balanced, etc. Among other things he did for them was go ‘undercover’ to religious right conventions and seminars. He said just what you did about knee jerk reactions- an elderly man was listening to the list of prohibited places because of some very shirt-tail abortion connection(s) and he bemoaned “I guess I can’t shop at ______ anymore, and I really like that store.” (a national chain).


    @Jaroslaw: I haven’t but will give the books a looksee, always am amazed at the lemming like mindset of some followers of religion or some organization. How quickly they are ready to surrender their freedom of choice and give up something they like or enjoy to simply blindly follow the rants of lunatics with a biased agenda…….I can’t decide if it is sad or pathetic……

  • nikko

    You said it perfectly(#4).

  • Queer Supremacist

    As stupid as this is (typical of the breeders who run P&G), even if they had put it on the air who would have seen it? It’s not exactly like this relic of the Eisenhower administration is quitting while it’s ahead. Even my mom quit watching years ago because the writing made America’s Funniest Home Videos look like Ibsen.

    God, I really hate the breeders.

  • Nuke fan

    This is not true. I watched the Daytime Emmys on the east coast and the kiss was shown.

  • Jaroslaw

    Thanks Nikko

  • JAY

    The video player cannot be viewed in our geographic region – South Africa.

    I find it strange. I mean our country had no issue in legalising gay marriage. I find it odd that we are not allowed, on your site, to view this gay kiss because of our area. Heck we can view a lot more explicit material on various video players.

    Maybe you should review this specific exclusion.



  • Luis

    We saw here in Canada. Don’t understand what all the ballyhoo was about.

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