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Cleveland Synergy Is Going To Sue Its Way Back Into The Gay Games’ Good Graces

Guess who’s not to thrilled with being kicked out of the 2014 Gay Games? The Cleveland Synergy Foundation, which lobbied officials to bring the competition to Ohio but was then booted from its role after everyone started questioning their finances. So of course they’re suing.

On the hit list: Federation of Gay Games and the City of Cleveland, with claims the twosome worked together to oust Synergy.

In a statement, Synergy Foundation attorney Richard Haber said the group had been “victimized” by assertions that the group had defaulted on its agreement with the FGG. The statement said Synergy remains committed to bringing the Games to Cleveland.

[…] Synergy officials have not addressed the rift with the FGG until now. The lawsuit says that despite the FGG’s assertions, Synergy met all of the FGG’s reporting requirements.

The lawsuit claims that McCall, who was once a member of Synergy’s board of directors, worked with FGG official Darl Schaaff to undermine Synergy. The lawsuit claims that FGG wanted to cancel Synergy’s contract so it could receive a greater share of sponsorship money and other funds than its licensing agreement with Synergy permitted.

Conspiracy theories! Backroom dealing! Shady business practices! Cold hard cash! Finally, a reason for me to care about sports.

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