College Employee Caught Throwing Out Stacks Of Local Gay Newspaper

An unnamed employee of Vanderbilt University was caught on camera taking dozens of copies of the local LGBT paper and throwing them in the garbage.

Police say the woman—described as a “longtime” lab manager—was filmed on security cameras (right) removing dozens of editions of Out & About, a monthly aimed at Music City’s gay and lesbian community, and tossing them into the recycling bin.

The situation has been going on for a year, resulting in the loss of hundreds of copies of O&A.

“Vanderbilt is such an inclusive and supportive environment for its GLBT community, employees, students and patients, that we’re surprised such a hate filled action would take place there,” said O&A publisher Jerry Jones, who thanked campus police and the district attorney’s office for their help.

While the perpetrator admitted to chucking the papers, it’s also not clear if she will be disciplined by the school: “The matter is under internal review to determine if there is any need for further action by Vanderbilt,” said a spokesperson for the university. We recognize that this is a particularly sensitive issue and want to assure our campus is a safe and welcoming environment.”

We’d think a college would want to make an example out of someone who sought to stifle the First Amendment. But what do we know?