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Colton Haynes: My wedding turned me into “bridezilla”

“I wanted Oprah giving away cars. I entered into Jeff’s world of lavish, beautiful weddings and became addicted. I wanted roses falling from the ceiling.

I wanted this weird, magical fairy tale and I started realizing, ‘Oh! I might be becoming a bridezilla’, so I have to step back and let him do what he does and trust what he does….

When you learn to really love someone, it’s completely life-changing. Now we have this beautiful life together and this epic journey ahead.”Colton Haynes, revealing to People that wedding planning nearly turned him into a monster.

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  • g-sing

    dude is already a popularity monster. seems like he sold his whole wedding to people magazine.

  • Josh447

    Colton: as Bridezilla. Now THAT’S a Halloween costume I’d like to see him pull off!


    I find my interest in an actor/musician operates in inverse proportion to how little I know of their preferred brand of underwear, kitchen decor, and other quotidian domestic arrangements. I understand, however, that Frau-appeal (and Frauen-adjacent) operates differently

  • DCguy

    If you’re too concerned about posing together on instagram, staging phony “Candid” moments, and becoming obsessive over the wedding, you may want to reexamine things in the relationship.

    I get that he needs exposure as an actor, but some of the relationship photos were a little cloying.

  • surreal33

    Hello, asswipe you are not bride you were a groom. Enough with overexposed, inane, fame whore and never-ending feminization!!!

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