Come Back Comeback

Val and Mickey

“Devastated, I stood there and cried like a baby,”- Pepper LaBeija, in Paris Is Burning.

That pretty much sums up how we feel about Lisa Kudrow’s The Comeback being cancelled. I guess the show was too smart even for HBO’s elitist television viewer. We will admit it. It took way too long for us to get into the show, but once we did we were hooked like Kate Moss on coke. Kudrow was brilliant and always in character. Not once did you think of her as Phoebe, which is a hard thing to do when known as one character for so long. Want proof? Watch the episode where she sings “I Will Survive.” Comic genius.

While Kudrow was the show’s star the real reason we will miss The Comeback is Mickey, played by Robert Michael Moore. Not feeding into stereotypes of what gay hairdressers should look like (no pleather, highlights, or snapping fingers), Mickey was lovable and the show’s heart. The show’s big gay heart that is.

We just hope Valerie Cherish has yet another comeback. Perhaps Kudrow can switch to Showtime and use the cancellation as fodder for another season on another station. However you do it just please comeback.

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