COMMENTS: Remembering Sahara Davenport, Anderson Fires Back, And More!

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!

“Of course his integrity can be questioned. This is the guy who wrote a friggin’ autobiography without thinking it was important to mention he was gay. And then, with a decline in ratings, he’s suddenly Mr. Up Front and Out.”

“I didn’t so much find it BORING, per se, just…uninspiring. But to claim Romney won anything is foolishly myopic. I cannot wait for the inevitable YouTube compilation of Mitt Romney’s vacant, soulless, ‘shit, remember to smile so you seem likeable’ expression. You know the one…the one he wore EVERY time his mouth wasn’t moving?

Rewards the debate and focus on the split screen presentations showing Mitt and Barak in close up and focus on Mitt. It was like watching a robot go into standby mode…except once, when he let his disdain for the president slip through. Several People at the ‘debate party’ I attended caught it and one gave voice to my thought almost exactly: “Look at Mitt! He forgot he was supposed to be pretending to be human!”

It was towards the end of the debate, but it got quite a bit of attention as he very clearly struggled for a moment to remember how to smile, and then it was back into plastic land.

If anything, Mitt Romney proved tonight that he and human emotion have been long separated, if they were ever truly acquainted in the first place. That alone is enough reason for me to never vote for Mitt ‘The Smiler’ Romney.”

Josh in OR, in If The Emmys Had a Category For Most Boring Show Ever, The Presidential Debate Would Win Hands Down
“Sahara Davenport (Antoine) and Manila Luzon (Karl), will go down in history as the original drag power couple on TV. Sahara  was a slick, savvy, polished drag queen who knew the industry and was a force to reckoned with on RuPaul’s Drag Race. May she rest in peace. My deepest and most profound condolences to Antoine’s partner and extended families.”

“So basically–gay kids, no; adult pedophiles, yes!”

Mr. Enemabag Jones writes what we’re all thinkin’, in CA Boyscout Denied Award, Loses Membership Because He’s Gay


“This is really going to screw with straight people’s heads. A gay professional boxer? That goes against every time-honored stereotype about gay men that we’ve all been taught in our culture.

Homosexuals are effeminate, soft, limp-wristed, weak, wannabe girls. They’re not supposed to be masculine and able to kick ass like a normal heterosexual man. I hope I’m wrong, but I predict this story will be swept under the rug very quickly by the media. Too confusing and disturbing for heterosexuals who much prefer to see their gays as unthreatening and readily identifiable, as on ‘Glee’.”

Kieran, in Orlando Cruz Becomes First Openly Gay Boxer in History