Contest: More Madonna

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Just when you thought it was safe to return to Queerty and not be bombarded with Madonna news, we decide to host a Madonna-themed contest! How gay.

1984 at the Pyramid has been one of our favorite parties for years. Where else can you pick up 21-year-old NYU boys while dancing to the classics: Paula Abdul, Whitney Houston, and Pat Benatar? The legendary Chip Duckett is the DJ, the drinks are strong, and the boys are young. Did we mention that already?

A Queerty reader is going to be treated like a VIP this Friday. 1984’s Halloween Madonna-thon is always a packed event. Perhaps you missed the Roxy this past weekend. Here is your chance to dance with Madonna again. It is all Madonna, all night.

We have a guest list spot for two with free admission for the queen who can tell us which Madonna look is their favorite and why. Winners will be notified Thursday.