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Conversations About Gay Monogamy Are Best Left in the Hands Other Than The View Gals

The most painful thing about the women of The View is not that Elisabeth Hasselbeck shrieks with reactionary factoids, or that Barbara Walters sometimes talks about sex. It’s that these women are among the television’s most ill-informed ensemble of talking heads. And nothing is as eye roll-inducing as watching them discuss matters of gay relationships.

First, it must be acknowledged that Joy Behar, who this week led the conversation about gays and monogamy, hosts one of the most gayoriented shows on television.

But it’s Whoopi who inserts, almost as an after thought: “We should get some gay folks on to talk to them.” (Funny, coming from Whoops. She means gay men?)

Indeed! Because otherwise we’ve got Sherri Shepherd, and even Joy, branding gay relationships as casual about sex. Which is ridiculous. We love our sex! And some of us love our outside-the-relationships sex. But so, too, do the heteros. And not to pour salt in a wound, but there’s one elephant in the room: Infidelity is the reason you and your husband split, right Sherri?

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  • AlwaysGay

    Heterosexuals are outsiders with prejudices to homosexuality. The View wouldn’t have this conversation if a gay person was a panelist. When Rosie left The View Barbra Walters tried to slander her by saying she talked about lesbian sex all the time when in fact she might have mentioned it twice. Heterosexuals want control over gay people. They want to determine what gay people do. I like that Whoopi tries to counter Elisabeth and Sherri’s prejudices however it’s futile. Heterosexuals already believe they are pure and perfect compared to gay people even though several polls found around 80% cheat on their spouse. Gay couples have a more realistic and humble approach to relationships. Gay couples are willing to talk about the tough issues from the outset like non-monogamy.

  • jimmy

    AlwaysGay – I know you feel justified in your insular way of thinking about straight people, but is displays the same malignant toxicity that is inherent in all forms of bigotry.

  • CT

    I TOTALLY agree with @AlwaysGay. 100%.

    Whoopi is the only person on the panel with any fucking sense. Even Joy- who I used to love- seems to use gay topics/discussion in a salacious way.

  • Attmay

    @jimmy: Is it still bigotry if it’s the truth?

  • Fitz

    ANY questions about gay attitudes toward monogamy need to be put on hold until there are equal marriage rights, and 2 or even 3 generations of gay boys have grown up with those rights. It is simply unreasonable to tell young gay men that their relationships are not valid and don’t matter and then be critical of how they approach the idea of relationship.

  • ChrisM

    I agree with Fitz. How hypocritical to talk about how promiscuous gays are (especially when this is a gross generalization, and not necessarily the insult they mean it to be) while denying us marriage rights.

  • sam

    omfg theyre being worse than usual. i love the view, its amusign to watch women talk about things like they understand it. but honestly.





  • jason

    It’s true that there is an additional promiscuity paradigm within male-male relationships. That’s because one man equals horny, two men equals double horny. You’ve got horny + horny. In hetero relationships, you’ve got horny man + less horny woman, thus a less promiscuous paradigm.

  • sal(the original)

    puh lease i know some horny ass women!put a guy with a hot body in front of em and listen to the nasty shit they say

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Jason is right about the Nature of Men, whether Gay or otherwise. Marriage Equality could be argued as the very thing we need to stabilize our community which in the arc of history, is out only relatively recently, still tries to grapple with AIDS and homophobia. Even lesbians have made more advances than gay men because nothing is more shocking to America than two men expressing their love for each other on Prime-time.

    Sherri – She is an anti-white, anti-gay bigot. She lives in fear of contracting HIV from a promiscuous down-low entertainment industry around her. She comes across as a desperate fat girl.

    Elisabeth – She is a Right-wing Mission-driven zealot. She thinks in talking points with no real compassion for anyone except what justifies her Republican point of view. To say that she is misinformed, presumes she wants to be informed.

    Barbra – She is very conservative and frankly, not bright and can’t even finish a thought which is a sign of senility. She comes from this generation that can’t even comprehend the world around her – except her bug-eyed reactions. She pretends to be gay-friendly, but she thinks of lesbianism as a ratings-winner and that gay men do her hair. She consorts with the worst TV Bigots like Trump, Leno and Regis – her Republican milieu!

    Whoopi – She is inconsistent. On a good day she is well-reasoned and the well-thought out anti-dote to the View’s Velociraptors, Elisabeth and her shadow, Sherri. Otherwise, Whoopi just doesn’t care enough about anything – including honesty about her own sexual exploits which would probably be no big deal if she was that brave!

    Joy – She is a genuine friend of Gays but she can go for the cheap gag and be a little too much tabloid-informed than real-world wise! She can be one-dimensional on issues of sexuality and naive about issues pertaining to real gay anguish as she probably has silly gay friends who go shopping and Out all the Celebrities over a Long Island Iced Tea. She should write the tell-all book about The View and kick Barbra to the curb now that she has her own show!

    Bill Geddes – He is a homophobic producer of the show who can only cope with gay poodles like coked-up Mario Cantone. Dan Savage would never get on The View!

    ABC is run by Christian fundamentalists with a lot of closeted on-air talent and staff… it’s the 1950s!

  • 1EqualityUSA

    They should do something with their hands while they talk. At least they would have something to show for their time. How about quilting? If these were the last four women on Earth…..

  • Yuki

    “If they cheat on each other, they don’t break up the relationship like straight people do.”

    Maybe that’s because… they forgive each other and want to move on and correct that mistake?

  • Marcus

    I’m sorry, but what she said doesn’t bother me.

  • AJ

    it’s not a gay thing, it’s a man thing…and when you have 2 men involved, it’s just twice the affect…come on…we all want to seem evolved and on a higher level thán others, but it’s true… men cheat more than women, men think about sex more than women, men have more sex than women…and there’s nothing nothing wrong with that, that’s how evolution is….but Sherri is right, just like food we want to eat or an addiction to drugs, we CAN control an impulse, it just takes alot of effort and alot of patience from the other partner

  • Shade

    Joy was right.

  • atypicalG

    It’s usually not a good idea to deal in absolutes as Joy seemed to do. I’m glad Whoopi was able to bring it back to a “depends on the individual” kind of idea. If my boyfriend were to cheat on me, that would be the end of it.

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