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Conversations About Gay Monogamy Are Best Left in the Hands Other Than The View Gals

The most painful thing about the women of The View is not that Elisabeth Hasselbeck shrieks with reactionary factoids, or that Barbara Walters sometimes talks about sex. It’s that these women are among the television’s most ill-informed ensemble of talking heads. And nothing is as eye roll-inducing as watching them discuss matters of gay relationships.

First, it must be acknowledged that Joy Behar, who this week led the conversation about gays and monogamy, hosts one of the most gayoriented shows on television.

But it’s Whoopi who inserts, almost as an after thought: “We should get some gay folks on to talk to them.” (Funny, coming from Whoops. She means gay men?)

Indeed! Because otherwise we’ve got Sherri Shepherd, and even Joy, branding gay relationships as casual about sex. Which is ridiculous. We love our sex! And some of us love our outside-the-relationships sex. But so, too, do the heteros. And not to pour salt in a wound, but there’s one elephant in the room: Infidelity is the reason you and your husband split, right Sherri?