Could Brokeback Crash on Oscar Night?

Heath Ledger wink

Besides being a triumph for cinema, a Brokeback Mountain win at the Academy Awards could also mean a lot for the gay community. Any film that wins Best Picture immediately gets a box office boost, and more cheeks in those seats means more people that are shown the light on gay rights.

But Crash’s recent win at the SAG awards over Brokeback has some gays we’ve talked to a little scared. Why? Because SAG members make up the largest voting block of the academy.

Let’s just hope the Academy has more sense than those actors (you’ve dated one, you know what they’re like) and give Brokeback top honors. Not only is it a far better film than Crash (which seems to inspire awe in some of our friends and seething vile in others) Brokeback Mountain is a movie that has the rare ability to actual change people’s minds – for the better.

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