Crazed Madonna Fan Hates Us, You

Some homos take their Madonna very seriously.

A “former” reader wrote in to kvetch about our this morning’s Madge-related remarks, which were actually pretty neutral. Oh, except for calling her new single “shitty,” which it is…

Anyway, the aforementioned reader wrote in to yell at us and at least some of you:

I just read your little post about Madonna, and I have to say I find it very rude. Not to mention all the rude comments your readers have left. Kind of makes me wonder what kind of website you are running here. Is this a bitch fest, where you and your readers can put down people who support the gay community?

Madonna has done nothing but support the gay community her entire career, even when it was taboo to do so! I don’t think its too much to ask to show her the respect she deserves. You want to hate on those who don’t support gays, and those who do, then who do you got left? Not me, thats for sure.

You spoke too soon, mister.

What’s this garbage about Madonna “supporting” gay people? We can’t find any reference to any charitable work she’s done for the homos. In fact, it’s we gays who have been supporting her ass. Sure, she does interviews with gay magazines and the such, but that’s hardly a laudable contribution.

It’s great that Madonna has come out and said “I’m cool with gay people,” but that doesn’t make her some sort of untouchable saint. We like some black people. Does that mean all black people need to like us? No.