Darren Hayes’ recent Pride post was too gay for Instagram


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Singer Darren Hayes has blasted Instagram for being “homophobic” after one of his photos was deleted for apparently being too gay (or something?) for the platform.

The Savage Garden frontman shared a photo of himself, fully clothed, lounging in bed, with a naked man laying face down across him. He captioned the image with three hashtags: #HappyPrideMonth, #Homo and #Queer.

NBD, right?


The image, which was taken by photographer James Reese, was almost immediately yanked down. Hayes reposted a cropped version of it along with the caption, “The full picture of this was just pulled for ‘soliciting sex’ lol. It is me, fully clothed, with a nude male model lying across me with his butt censored.”

“Homophobia much?” he added along with a link in his profile for where followers could see the uncensored image.


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After Hayes called out Instagram for censoring the image, his original post was restored.

Of course, this is hardly the first time the social media platform has scrubbed certain content for being, well, a little too gay.

In March, it yanked down an ad for HBO Max’s show Minx because it showed actor Taylor Zakhar Perez walking through a men’s locker room fully nude with a large graphic reading “New Episodes” over his groin.

Oddly, the ad was removed from Perez’s page but not from the show’s official @minxonmax account:


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And in February, an Italian Vanity Fair cover featuring Eurovision stars Mahmood and Blanco was pulled down for apparently being too hot, prompting the @vanityfairitalia account to reshare a censored version of the photo:

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