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Davey Wavey Promises to Blow Everybody at YouTube

Think Google inviting Davey Wavey out to San Francisco to “present” at a conference comes without strings? Not in his mind, where RSVPing to a corporation’s open arms involves pleasing all the tech geeks.

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  • MuscleBoy

    Please bitch, do us all a favor: blow up and die. Thanks.

  • Gett

    Steroid pecs!!!!!

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    I always thought his face reminded me of someone & when he did a close-up of it in this vid, I realized who it was!!!


  • concernedcitizen

    It’s a shame how hateful some of us gays can be. *Logs Off*


    While lotsa peoples always be tossin the hate towards DW, somethin to consider. There are people who make upwards of $10,000.00 per month from YouTube. He may be a chucklehead, but he is most likely laughin all the way to the bank…….

  • David

    How does the chest keep getting bigger while everything else stays the same? Wouldn’t the shoulders, biceps, triceps and traps kinda come along for the ride?

  • Blake J

    Reading some of these negative comments directed to members of our community make me reconsider being gay, but then I remember that I would rather o to hell than be straight!

    None of us are perfect!

  • Hamburglar

    Looking at the headline alone: it’s a shame my Youtube account was suspended :)

  • Michael

    $5 Million? Son, take the money.

  • ExuseMeForRanting

    What is it, exactly, that some people dislike so intensely about Davey Wavey? Is it that he is shirtless? Well, he’s admitted that he does it to get more views, so you can get over that. Is it that he looks good or takes care of his body? Are you really hating on a guy for his looks? Or is it his message that people object to? That offensively good humour and positive happy-go-lucky message must really be putting a crimp in someones morning.
    Maybe that you don’t think his vlogs are a 100% accurate representation of himself or that perhaps he may be making money or even *gasp* enjoying himself. And this would be offensive because…?
    Hmm. Maybe it’s because some feel that he is perpetuating a bad stereotype of gay men. There are so many gay stereotypes that it is impossible for any gay man to avoid perpetuating at least one of them. And what is wrong with fitting one of the stereotypes, when it comes to that? The only stereotype that I disapprove of myself is the bile spewing Bitter Queen.

    I guess that what I’m saying is:
    1. If you dislike DW so much, I suggest that you take a look inside yourself to see what emotions are motivating that.
    2. If you can’t get over it – STOP WATCHING his videos and acting like those homophobic trolls on youtube that seem to spend hours every day poring over things that they hate.

    I’m sorry if I’ve ruffled your feathers too badly but I like DW’s stuff and how he presents it. I certainly don’t agree with everything he says but is there anyone with whom you agree 100%?

  • Mike

    davey wavey does look like a rent boy, and what did he go to talk about?

  • vinnyc

    I agree with ExuseMeForRanting. Davey wavey is not doing anything great but at the same time he isn’t hurting anyone. Just silly, trivial and insignificant things. He is not holding a gun on anybody’s head to watch his stuff or putting offensive stuff .He is pure Fluff ,but harmless. and guys after seeing the recent atcs of the likes of christenne, izzy luna, mason wyler et al doesn’t he come across as Non consequential to Not hate? Like i said there is nothing to watch if you don’t like him and its definitely your choice but i don’t think anyone should waste any negative thoughts on him. Lets save it for people more deserving. Just my 3 cents.

  • adman

    He has perfected the art of being completely useless. To anyone, for any thing. A void. How could such a parasite walk around in our community with absolutely no shame? My head would be in the gutter puking if I had to contemplate a self like he has.

  • Dallas David

    @David: Ya, I think he’s hot, too . . .

  • Sassy Gay Friend


    This thing again?
    What a stooopid bitch!

  • concretepinata

    He’s cute and well toned, but just an effortlessly vapid and inane cockholster.
    Keep at the standing there and looking pretty thing and cease with attempting to conjugate sentences-it’s horrifying and only serves to show what a shallow abject moron he is. The last time I had heard of him, he was making a video about how cute the guy who used craigslist to murder people was. Dreadful.
    Why the hell is this site constantly promoting him?

  • Jack

    @concretepinata: Thanks for introducing me to the word ‘cockholster’! Fantastic, I love it!

  • [email protected]

    Not a single site I visit on the web talks about this guy except this one. Its like riding in a Toyota and just having to put up with the annoying cup holder.

  • Michael C.

    I’d let him give me a blow job if he promises to kill himself afterwards…

  • Richard

    I don’t mind him. He’s cute. He reminds me of a gay version of my RA from living in the dorms, but he’s kinda amusing.

  • Jackson

    I have no issue with the dude. But, when Queerty force-feeds him to me every week, I feel like I get to comment. Vapid and useless. That’s what I think.

    One or two posts about this guy…that’s appropriate. Then, anyone that cares can follow him on YouTube. Yet, the anonymous, nameless writers at Queerty continually force this guy on us.

    Based on all the Davey-Wavey comments I’ve read, I’ll state the obvious: THE MAJORITY OF US DON’T CARE!

    Unless you convince him to do a “just for Queerty visitors” jack off video, WE DON’T CARE.

  • Soupy

    Who is he? Is he a porn star? A celebutante? A relative of someone?

  • Chipsy

    @Soupy: Who is he? Is he a porn star? A celebutante? A relative of someone?

    No. Just another famous nobody.

  • Mike

    Between him and ExplorationB on youtube, i’ll take the latter!

  • PopSnap

    I think the reason why people have such an instinctual, unprovoked disdain for Davey Whatshisface so much is because he’s pretty much a symbol of how “normal-to-masculine” gays see “boyish-to-flaming” gays: shallow, sex-obsessed, successful, vapid, and uncommonly good looking. Since this is a gay blog, we recognize “his type” and diss on him.

    Just my take on it, if I step aside and neutrally examine why I can’t stand Davey.

  • Andy

    @PopSnap: “Straight-acting” guys hate this guy because deep down they know they’re as much queens as he is.

  • Soupy

    As the great Maggie Smith said, with her devastating inflections, “twit and a half”.

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