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  • j b

    wow i will see him in a whole new way every time when i see him take the field with the galaxy yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


    His penis doesn’t look big.

  • dvlaries

    Poor Tyler Kenyon. What an awful day to have to be the Morning Goods guy…

  • CitizenGeek

    Wow, that poster would make living in San Francisco all the better!

  • fredo777


    Or, as the French would say, “Le Rawr.”

  • M Shane

    After having see some of the most handsome men on earth; and having gotten to a point where there seems to be no best: well, there he is and I’ve always thought that: (I was a soccar player in college and know how incredibly lith and fit anyone has to be). No excess muscles, only the basic really effective great ones that permit efficient, coordinated movement. He did and does knok me out I feel like taking a plane to S.F just to take that in. I hate advertizing but that’s truely art.

    What I tribute to Mans beauty! Wow

  • M Shane

    BTW, I reallyy don’t particularly like an overy big joint on somebody . It what it’s attached to that counts. his (everything is superb). What a treat for S.F.

  • Jack Scribe

    BFD. Am I the only one getting bored with Beckham pimping himself out to the highest bidder? David and Ms. Posh should take a few celebrity tips from Tiger Woods.

  • RPCV

    Like I said yesterday in a post, what’s the big deal? Yes, he has a penis. For those of you who don’t know it, men HAVE a penis except if it’s been removed. A penis is a part of the body for MEN, and a cunt is a part of the body for WOMEN, unless they’ve been transgendered to a man (YIKES!!) and then they, too, would have a PENIS. Get it? Period.

  • Kid A

    What a beautiful soul you are, RPCV.

  • jm

    boring. tom selleck should make a comeback.

  • dfrw

    I strongly dislike tattoos.

  • Charley

    Briefs make men sterile. He needs to ventilate his balls. Bring back military issued cotton boxers with everything hanging loose. Baskets are not like breasts, that need support from lycra.

  • Jaroslaw

    I wouldn’t toss him out of bed for sure, but this photo does nothing for me. If one could make out some details maybe. The bulge is so evenly rounded, it could easily be a wad of tissue.

  • M Shane

    How many of you dissy queens can even imagine haning sex with the likes of that man who not only has the body but can use it well in one of the most graceful, coordinated activities in existence.
    Americans don’t appreciate that because we watch and cheer for the trogloditye “sports” that pass off as requiring skill.
    What he does is not far from Ballet ; to refined for americans foul tastes.

  • sixpack chopra

    “give it a break

    my bite is bigger than my bulge and thats really all that matters with sex

    or is it the other way around?”

    – POSH Spice speaking with veteran reporter perez hilton at the guttersnipe awards

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